Information Technologies and Political Engagement

My latest research examines the impact of information technologies on political engagement. I research the ways in which information technologies in general and social media in particular shift traditional understandings of citizenship, civil society, and political leadership. Current research projects include a collaborative project on the use of social media in the 2014 Romanian presidential elections and research on the new trend in the video gaming industry, the so-called Games for Social Change.

Selected publications:

“Gaming for Women’s Rights: Half the Sky and the Humanitarian Trend in the Video Game Industry.” Under review by Feminist Media Studies.

Selected paper presentations:

Round Table, “Affective Networks, Political Organizing & Embodiment Online.” National Women’s Studies Association. Milwaukee, WI, 12-15 November 2015

“Ethical Design and Social Change in Social Justice Games.” ECREA 2015: Political Agency in the Digital Age. Media, Participation and Democracy. Copenhagen, Denmark, 9-10 October 2015

(Roundtable with Rachel Afi Quinn) “Twitter Politics: Doing Social Activism in the Age of New Media.” Future of Minority Studies Annual Symposium, Atlanta, GA, 14-16 September 2012