Tools & Techniques

UX research is a journey of discovery into users’ behavior and processes. Planning that journey well – making time to use the right methods at the right time – ensures a successful product.

My initial interaction with stakeholders is crucial in understanding the scope of any research undertaking. I listen, ask questions and collect information about objectives, constraints, and future product plans, data that guides my research strategy.

Below are some questions I always ask product teams before a research project.

  1. Objectives:
    What do stakeholders want to know about their product, features, users, or competitors?

  2. Constraints:
    What time, product, or market constraints should I be aware of?

  3. Users:
    Who are the target users? Are there any data on user personas I should be aware of?

  4. Timeline:
    When is the latest date I can deliver results that will still be useful?

My Research Process spans several stages of product development.

Four stages of product development
Four stages of product development

Research Tools I Love and Recommend

Optimal Workshop
Google Analytics
Five Second Tests